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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ladies and Germs, judging by the number of seriously fancy event invitations I get these days, it looks like my days as a princess are numbered.  Soon I think I will become a queen, if not a Ladyship.  

Last week, I attended an event organised by Estee Lauder South Africa, the launch of some new Tom Ford beauty products, an array of highly concentrated fragrances to be exact, fit for the opposite of serfdom. I went there not knowing who else was invited and reveling at the thought of breaking bread at a closed sit down dinner.  From a consumer perspective, the thing about buying into a product, is that is must not necessarily be about the actual product.  It's about buying into the brand.  And the first class ticket to imbibing all that a brand has to offer is to create an experience that we, the consumer, can take away with us once we have bought the actual product.  

The unbridled joy I was having at that event is worth more than the goody bag, which, in and of itself is no less than amazing -- a frikking bottle of Violet Blonde.  What I enjoyed was being in that beautifully designed room (directed by Mr Ford himself), sitting among great company and being in a controlled but totally relaxed environment that of course, was fragranced with about four different types of the new frangrances.  We got to try on different Tom Ford lipsticks, mix and match the perfumes to create our own scents - all the while getting fancy faced with every type of beverage and good food.  Ah what a night.  I left the dinner, which by midnight had turned into a full on party of about 10, feeling very privileged to have been part of it.  For more information on the new fragrances that you can mix to get your very own, visit


Thando said...

Everything looks perfect, the decor, the food... and whose boots are those... daim!!!

Milisuthando Bongela said...

The boots are by one Martin Margiela! Gosh!

tando ntunja's ANDROID pinboard said...

Nice one, Mill's! 10/10 : co-sign on the boots.So Tom was present, nhe!?

Sabu said...

It sounds like one of those nights that are so amazing they're border-line surreal. Like you woke up this morning and you weren't sure if it really happened or if it was just the workings of an over-active imagination.
a lovely, inspiring post Mili :)

Ms K said...

Looks like quite a cool event! Love your boots in the one pic!

Anonymous said...

Are those Margiela boots I spy under the table?

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