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Monday, June 13, 2011

We are always cooking something up at our little shops! This time, is a party we are very excited about for our customers in association with Elle Magazine and Vawter.  On the 25th of June, Mememe and Two launch 54 on Sixth, which happens to be our address in Parkhurst - but as the ideal shopping destination for South African designer wear and theee place to be if you're a girl in Joburg.  I can't divulge all now otherwise I'll spoil the surprise - but this is going to be more than a place to shop for the best in local designers, we want to create a little more than a shopping experience - we want women to have a girl only space where we plan to host many a party, from knitting circles to sex talks, blogger's dinners and our own version of "book club" .

We have a really fabulous new website which we are launching on the same day! If you haven't received any mail or a text about this and you are our customer, please accept our apologies but send us your deets and we will add you to our growing mailing list so that you are kept up to date. Or what the heck, just come through on the 25th and come and toast to YOU! Send details to


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