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Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday guys

I hope you've all had a wonderful and productive week. This year is hussain bolting all over our asses and so much is happening that there are times where I just want to throw away all forms of technology and interconnectedness and go live in a hut somewhere where we have to go to sleep because it's dark and wake up because the sun is coming out. Anyway, so today I have two exciting CV's and I really hope to connect these two youngins to some work, they seem to be quite multi talented.

CV 1

The first CV belongs to a young man who was born in 1986 and lives in Soweto.  He made the wise choice of combining Media Studies, African Literature and Political Science at Wits.  Gone are the days when the letters BA stood for ''Bugger All'' (I always thought that that was such a lame statement, thank God evolution is not up to humans).  Sure it's harder to find a ''job'' when you get out of school with such a complex combination of subjects, but it's easier to carve a career out. Perhaps this young man hasn't figured that out. But whose figured anything out in their 20s?  Having a BA Degree is all about how much you use your knowledge to test your abilities.  You can fit your round pegged self into many a hole. Thank goodness he started early. When he was at Wits he was a Producer for Voice of Wits Radio and he quickly upgraded to being a Production Co-Ordinator for 3 months at Yo-TV.  His CV is extensive and is detailed with all the various things he has had to do to climb the ladder, I've just highlighted what I think is super relevant for someone looking to hire someone like him:

For 3 years he did Media Modelling. I didn't know what that was until I looked what he actually did which gave me a mini seizure: going through over 1500 publications and 350 channels and putting them into categories for the sake of analyzing them according to metric systems for a company called Newsclip. He's done Content Analysis meaning he's probably a keen reader and someone with the ability to do the boring stuff.  He's done Media Analysis which means he's done done comprehensive evaluations of the media coverage that certain brands have had across all media platforms. He's done Ad Cost analysis, Account Management and of course some Reporting.  That means Writing, Copy Editing, Proof Reading meaning he probably respects language and its use and can communicate fairly well.  I think he's the type of person that can be thrown into any work situation and get himself involved.

CV 2

This young lady has worked her way up a ladder that many people see and think is made from diamonds and champagne: fashion!  She's 23 and has just graduated from Lisof with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion.  She's not looking for anything specific but interested in being immersed in an environment where she could learn and her experience is varied in terms of small jobs she's done here and there in an effort to learn.  The subjects she did at school include Fashion Media, Merchandising Mathes, Buying, Product Development, Business Studies, Marketing, Pattern Making and Textile Theory.  Although she's hoping to climb hire, I must say she started pretty early.

In high school she was a Promotions Girl (I have genuine respect for people who have done this because I got fired from my first promotions job in East London and I can't remember why but probably for being too sassy) and while she was studying in Joburg, she has been a Receptionist, an Admin Assistant, she's worked at Diesel in Rosebank as a shop assistant, she's Styled both issues of LISOF's Protege Magazine.  She's worked as a Stylists Assistant during one of African Fashion International's Fashion Weeks, taping ALL the shoes for the shows as well as assisting where she was needed during Fashion Week, which is pretty hectic.  She's worked as a Store Manager and worked at Just which was in 44 Stanley.  There she was actually an Assistant Designer in addition to Managing the Shop, doing Sales Reports, doing Sales, assisting with Look Books and generally doing what sounds like being Justine Robertson's right hand.

She's ripe and green at the same time. If I was looking for someone, I would certainly call her up.

To find out more about these two and to get in touch with them about work, email me and I'll put you in touch



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