Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm not a sneaker head, I'm simply not that cool.  I don't even know if it's all that wise to admit that I don't know what Jordan 1's look like or the difference between those and Air-Max's. I think I'll stop there lest I embarrass myself...further. I recently discovered sneaker hedonism because I now live with a proper sneaker freak, not that my old housemate Nana didn't dig her kicks. For the past few months, I've taken a keen interest (keen in this case literally meaning I now look instead of just gloss over) in what sneakers a person is wearing and I'm learning.

But nobody needs to teach me that these:

Are damn good looking sneakers!  And they have cousins:

Puma (International) has collaborated with Hypebeast Magazine (which I'm not familiar with but my eyebrows are now raised) to come up with shoes inspired by my favourite kind of Chinese food:

I know, Right?????? 

The bright yellow pair, which I prefer, is modelled on open topped steamed pork dumplings called Siu Mai which ar emade with a yellow-hued wrap.  These Puma x HB Blaze of Glory OG kicks are made of leather and suede and highlighted by a cushion cell midsole and apparently rounded by a neoprene (a  highly durable synthetic rubber used for things like laptop sleeves, orthopedic wrist/knee braces etc) boot  for fit and comfort. 

The semi see through pair is also modelled on a type of Dim Sum, a sheer-skinned shrimp dumpling known for being one of the most impossible dumplings to make known as Har Gao.  This Blaze of Glory lightweight style is super flexible because it's more flexible than the Faas 300s that I have, which are basically cartoon like in their flexibility.  I like these shoes a lot.  They aren't available in local stores though, they came out in Hong Kong last week and will be available at select Boutique stores globally but I bet we are only going to have to get them online.  And why Dim Sum? Because duh it's delicious and Hypebeast is based in Hong Kong and when Puma approached them with this concept, they thought it appropriate to make it about something at the heart of that giant kaleidascopic metropolis: dim sum, which in English means ''touch the heart''.  Enough said! 


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