Pulchritude Post Mortem

Monday, June 7, 2010

If I had a choice, I would be horizontal with my eyes closed and resting, but I signed up to a world of champers, ciggies and very little sleep. Saturday went very well even though there's still a mountain of clothes from all my suppliers and I'm eternally grateful to the people that came (even those I don't know) who came to get a trinket or two. I've already got 3 very happy customers who have told me they are wearing their new buys today and that other people lurv!

So I'm thinking of having another, smaller, pop up sale - or even something small at my house this week (with live music in the form of me singing the only song i can sing in front of people - just kidding) Keep your eyes peeled.

Here are some snaps from Saturday and beyond:


Some serious deliberation at our little shop!

Me in my Two Tee Dress and Doreen Southwood Cardi and Celiwe in her Loin Cloth and Ashes Dress (one of her many buys)


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