Friday, June 4, 2010

1. Zo and Gcobisa freaking out about Loin Cloth and Ashes Dresses
2. Is this love is this love is this love is this love that I'm feeling?
3. "Jennifer", the well dressed mannequin who frightened Nana as she came home last night.

One more sleep until the big day (thanks for the support guys) and things are looking cucumberish! I've got two assistants, Zoleka and Gcobisa, two young uns who are going to be helping me with everything. They are so sweet and wide eyed and eager to learn and I'm happy to finally be imparting knowledge to good people. Earlier this week, they were unpacking all the stuff that has arrived so far and took much longer than planned because they wanted to try everything on and were ooohing and aaahing at almost everything, some confirmation that the stuff is actually hot. And the minute Celiwe saw the Lucky You accessories, it was love! She had a hard time choosing but settled on the black heart, which is a huge loss to everyone else because that's one of the cutest. So I made the first sale before the sale :-)

I've been putting posters up and last night almost scared Nana to death when she thought she saw a very well dressed Jennifer, our Housekeeper in the middle of the night outside our door. I had put the mannequin dressed in Loin Cloth and Ashes and Doreen Southwood outside the door of my our flat for passers by to see - she almost died! Just got a text from my friend Serisha, who is here from Cape Town for the sale (and I'm sure other things) hehe.


Celiwe said...

I fear I'm gonna be living in an empty new house cos of tomorrow!

Vuyo said...

Oh man, these look so so so cool....WOW!

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