"Wolves in Good Clothing"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I knew this would happen. I'm having another sale on Saturday (and I just happen to be blasting Britney's OOPS I DID IT AGAIN) that's this Saturday the 12th AND Sunday the 13th - this time featuring the same designers from Pulchritude (Black Coffee, Silverspoon, Two, Love Jozi, Doreen Southwood, Loin Cloth and Ashes and Lucky You). Maria McCloy will give me more accessories and some very special African print secrets that will only be revealed on Saturday.

But wait...there's more PEOPLE. The fabulousness that is Amy Rawhani of Lost and Found will be joining us with her sweet vintage treats and so will Angie Batis, who owns Wolves but also makes amazing accessories called Hello Fox.

If you missed the last one, or if you just want to come and have cool cakes next to cool clothes and even cooler customers - come and become a Wolf in Good Clothing this weekend.

Wolves is almost on the corner of Oxford and Corlett Drive. They have a beautiful striped yellow and white awning outside the shop, and a BILTR (Bike I'd Like To Ride)


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