Love, Tee and Whiskey

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm so heppy! Today I had to interview the guys from Ceramic Matters (if you don't know them, imagine theeeee most delicate and beautiful ceramic still haven't captured their talent) for Visi and it was a lovely interview in a beautiful house with really beautiful ornaments and even the dogs! I was dzying to take pictures but that would have been rude. At the end of the very pleasant hour, they gave me a ceramic heart. For love! And I showed them my heart tattoo and we all laughed and I held my heart close to me all the way home. Tomorrow I'm interviewing Mbongeni Buthelezi. I wonder if he's gonna give me a painting. Just putting it out there!

Then I got home and effed around on Facebook (as if I have the time) and I finally saw something about the local label Tee and Whiskey. I've only heard about it from a fellow fashionista, Vee ( and today I finally saw it for my self. What a cute and lovely discovery. They are a fashion brand that makes clothes, shoes and accessories for girls by night...i.e. I take it they have other jobs. Bianca Miles Jordaan is one half and Jana (not sure of the surname) is the other half and they have a blog as lovely as their clothes. They are at the new Malva store at Arts on Main and have other stockists around Joburg. Hopefully I can fish me some of their clothes for Pulchritude's next sale towards the end of July!

Their blog is

p.s. Hello boy to the new boy followers.


Ceramic Matters said...

Glad you like the heart, Milli! Did you get a painting? Nice Blog!

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