Dear Joburg, Will you marry me?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today was a perfect day. From beginning to end. This morning I met a lovely girl named Chipo, who was interviewing me about Pulchritude for Marie Claire. I think the fashion gods and dharmas will grant my wishes for her - she seems like an awesome young mind and a great addition to the local semi-existent fashion writers guild of South Africa. Next I had a drink with Machere, discussing future prospects for our two babies (watch space). Then I met a really amazing woman at The Wardrobe in Parkhurst, where I saw multiple good looking dresses by Thula Sindi. Like, really nice dresses where the quality is very much unlike the stuff we see on his shows - you must go and see this to believe it. Well done dude, I was slightly wrong about your clothes. I won't say much about the lady I had an hour long chat to, but I am some the wiser after talking to her. Then as if I hadn't seen enough, I went to Main Street Life to check out the rooms at The 12 Decades Hotel. Jesus Christ (sorry Christians) but Jesus Christ. It was hard to decide which one I will spend my complementary night in but eventually, Kim Stern's 1906-1916 room stole my heart. I couldn't even take pics for the blog because I was too busy picking up my jaw from the floor every 10 seconds. Again, you need to see this place to believe it. Then to add insult to injured senses - my friends and I decided to see what was happening on the architecture floor of MSL where there was a group of people with computers and a lot of maquettes (those miniature designs of big designs) . We sat in and met the convener of the 2 week Architecture Workshop that was taking place there. We watched presentations for new works that will be at MSL by some top architects from around the country, including the guy who designed Arts on Main (I forget his name, but he totally looks like an architect). It was awesome seeing people's ideas, I especially can't wait for them to come to life. Then to end this day, I've just received an email from my long lost sartorial sister from another realm - Sindiso Khumalo, a seriously AWESOME girl I met while working in Cape Town. We lost contact and somebody gave me her business card this weekend at my sale and it turns out she's the brain behind Go to the site. She sells this stuff from the UK, here and wherever the interweb reaches. I'm so proud of her. Here are some pics from the site, which I command you to visit.

I am so grateful. Camagu and Nite y'all.


coelho said...

exciting day!

Celiwe said...

the denim drop crotch
*bites fist*

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