Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I'm decorating my new apartment, a really lovely space in Illovo and I've been looking at a lot of magazines and places of interest for inspiration.

I really like the work Jo and Amber at Mr Price do. Here's a link to their site where I find a lot of cool things

So I'm making wallpaper for my bedroom and I'm gonna get some very clever person to print these and many more images that I like onto a background and make some wallpaper. Got the idea from Dion Chang's office. He's got one side of the wall covered in wall paper which is a huge picture of a forest in Spain. It's a photograph by Chris Saunders and it's beautiful. I'll post some of his work on here.


Celiwe said...

the toes on the shoes look like a series of 'lol'!

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