This girl is more exciting than Zahara.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

                                                            Noni Zondi - Come get it

I had to blog about this.  My assistant told me about this Noni Zondi character yesterday.  When I was finished wth my work last night, I looked her up just for fun. Dayam. Sister does not mince her x rated words! Noni Zondi is a UK based female rapper but she is South African, hence the name which does not sneak up on you in its Zuluness! She's apparently been on high rotation in the UK and US and is basically said to the product if ever there would be a menage a trois between Lil Kim, Nikki Minaj and Foxy Brown!

Her very catchy (I must, must admit against my better judgement) debut single Come Get It starts off with her walking down a dingy looking street in the UK. We see her face, donned in huge embellished sunglasses, then a shot of her walking in silver stripper heels and then her entire body - her size 32 top and probably 36 - 38 bottom or rather, booty, an asset that is probably the reason for her high rotation rather than her (silly but funny) lyrics of which here is a sample:

''And I swallow so let me taste your whip cream" and ''African cutey, African beauty, they just want a piece of this African booty" (said as she points to a very exposed boo-ty)

Look, I'm no music reviewer so I won't be a voice of authority on her musical talents but she excites me.  She's entertaining in her X-Rated confidence precisely because she is from South Africa and Zulu and we don't to date, have a pop artist brave enough to say the things she's saying. For me, it's a sign of her freedom rather than perversion, which is what some people might think.   While thousands of people are going gaga over Zaraha (my eyes are done rolling), who is talented in her own right but brings nothing new to the musical landscape of this country, besides that she is a black girl who plays the guitar - big fucking deal, take us to the next level.

I think Noni Zondi has single handedly given the local musical industry a big wet bitch slap all the way from England. What we will do as South Africans is wait for her to go big globally, she'll probably do a collab with Niki Minaj or a horny rapper and then she'll blow. Hehe pun intended.  Then only will we pay attention.  I don't think Live or Channel O (shame on them) will play her music video or whatever because truthfully, it is x-rated and naaawwty....but I love it! Celiwe, my very musically high nosed friend is rolling her eyes at this but she knows she's dancing when no-one's looking haha. I wish her the best of luck and want you to know that this video is on replay at our house.


LocalCeleb said...

Fantastic! I will have to certainly check her out, I love when people go out of the box!

lungi said...

Im too square for this shit!

Milisuthando Bongela said...

hahaha most people are

Akona Ndungane said...

Wow wow wow!

Ibanathi Ngcobo said...

***doing Hlokoloza Cartwheels on Zahara Point*** itys sad in S.A dat in S.A we are stucl on an Afro popn time machine dat does nothing but let our music industry stagnate in da same space ,if you heard zahara play now u have heard Yvonne play in da noughties going googooo gaga over da Noni Chick as well as a newbie who is driving me crazy dat i discovered "Toi Delazy" heard her " pump it on" n i nearly wet my Emporio Armani cottons in musical orgasmic joy lets hope da masses catch love ur blog n have beeen dying to comment lol

mizkansas said...

I love your blog and WOULD REALLY LOVE TO INTERVIEW YOU! I love reading your blog because we have absolutely no idea how life is in South Africa.

However, I'm a Black American woman, and, from my perspective Noni Zondi is just another headache. It's tired; she's tired. Slutty Black woman who just wants sexsexsex! Whatever. This is a caricature, a tired male fantasy the producer and video director should've outgrown years ago. Sarah Baartman in 21st-century kit. Nothing new to see here--please move along. Who is Noni Zondi? Where does she want to go in life? What does she want? How does she feel about this song?

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