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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Before I even talk about this shoot, I would just like to apologiese for the the superlative ghastliness of the quality of these images.  A 2.30 am feat in which I tore the pages out and took pics of them on my bedroom floor.  I had asked Marie Claire to send me these images, which they did, the problem was that that they are pdf’s and blogger doesn’t like those.  I tried to scan them but those came out as PDF’s too so this was the next best thing.  There is a reason why people go to school to learn how to take good pictures.  I mean no offense to the professionals who might gasp at the blatant glare of the flash on all of them. 

But it's because I really really like this shoot in the latest Marie Claire South Africa.  It’s shot by Damon Fourie, styled by Sharon Becker, Hair and Make-up by Algria Ferreira and the beautiful model is my new fave Akoul de Mabior from Ice Models. Thank god colour blocking is bloody over. 


devoutcreativity said...

I like this shoot but I can't find a good picture of it anywhere, :( I'll keep looking. :>

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