Suzaan Heyns Swimwear at Mememe Jhb

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I couldn't resist this swimwear when I saw it at Suzaan Heyns. I've been looking for a high wasted bikini and this one is currently gracing the Memem Jhb window. For R1500 it's worth it, it feels like second skin.  Thank goodness I have a butt and some hip because fortunately, this cozzie will look better on curves! Mememe Cape Town already has some really cute vintage inspired cozzies from Doreen Southwood and we are also getting some of those in tomorrow as well as some bikini's and full cozzies from Eb and Am next week.  Splish Splash!


LocalCeleb said...

This suite would definitely look better with curves! It will also hide any indiscretions! I love it!

Sabu said...

High waist bikini??Lets?!
price may be steep, but plans can be made, like a robbing a bank or something.... ;D

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