Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tonight I'm going to a party! Ching Ching! It's a pre-party to the Sansui Summer Cup, a horse racing event that's going to be held on Saturday.  People don't horse around when it comes to looking good for the Met and Durban July so I'm sure there are going to be some serious fashion showdowns tonight. Bring it on bitchez, I am being dressed by Marion and Lindie. Danica Lepen is doing some really beautiful work as head designer there! She just came to drop off my outfit. How many reasons does one need to toast to oneself in the middle of the afternoon?

You can't see this mesh oversize shirt properly but I had a fitting yesterday and it is HEAVENLY! It's coming out in March Next year at Marion and Lindie and it's right, left and center up my alley! 

For my undergarments, I am wearing the following, which by the way came in this bag. 

At the crucial point of seeing this, I was like, I don't think it's necessary to open it. I could just wear the bag under the shirt. 

But now what does one do when they find their most coveted item for summer in the bag? This bra top by Black Coffee is insane. It's from Danica's personal wardrobe so it's a much appreciated borrowed item. 

Hayi man, there is not one, but TWOOOOO bra tops. And this one is a one shoulder... 

By Alexander who? Does that say Alexander Wang? Are you joking? 

So which shall I wear with my Jane Sews leather skirt from Mememe? I was thinking of going to buy some studded heels this afternoon but the rain got in the way, so I shall have to walk in my Luella cloggs tonight. They will still look good.

Oh, by the way, the dress code for tonight is pink.  Unfortunately it's not my colour, I'm more of a black girl, especially because it's Black November in South Africa after that Protection of Information Bill was passed yesterday.  My pink item will be my YSL bright pink lipstick and some pink nails complements of Nana's nail polish library. 


Sabu said...

comment A: people dont "horse around"...hehehehe good one!
comment B: you being dressed by Marion and Lindie, that leather bra??and Alexander Wang?!haike. i think i just died.
enjoy though!

Vuyo said...

OMG...I want your life...WTF, being dressed with such jaw just dropped...can i place an order for the M&L oversized shirt...that is right up my alley too...

Nabeelah said...

Wow! love the Marion and Lindie over-sized shirt :)

lungi said...

that bra top. I die

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