Happy New Year Bitchez!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year cyber friends. How are you? I sincerely hope you had a good festive season and that you have gained a little perspective...and some weight! I certainly have.  I was an eating machine from the moment I landed in East London on the 21st of December, right up to this moment. I am thinking of my next meal, like somebody who lives from hand to mouth, which pretty much describes my bodily movements this holiday.

I'm currently in Hermanus at a friend's parent's house, the place with the most relaxing sleep in the country.  I arrived yesterday from a 5 day holiday in a little town called Stanford Village near Cape Town. I had so many nice pictures of my friends and the place but unfortunately, my camera was stolen and so I lost all of them.  This made me pretty sad because I had some choice pictures and videos of my wonderful family (like when we all exchanged Christmas presents) and my friends.  So to console myself, last night I went through all the home videos I have ever taken, and luckily I saved some of them in a folder I seldom visit. I had a pleasant surprise at the archives and feel like I should share them.  They made me feel warm inside and to appreciate the most important people in my life even more. This is where I come from.

This video of of my mother and her friends singing songs at Thanksgiving party we had at home at the end of last year.

They went from that holy church song, to this: 

This is a silly little song that young unwed woman sing about the kind of young men they want to marry. They are all married but it's an indication of how wild they used to be before they all got hitched and had us. 
 Singing is obviously a strong element in our culture.  Even the kids are into it. Here's my cousin Vezi butchering a Zahara song. The lyrics by the way are not Vezi's, they belong to Zahara. Just saying. 

The whole week was just spent playing the fool and swimming.  The video below is of my sister Qhayiya, the tall one and Vezi after breakfast doing the ''Milking, Mowing and Sprinkle song''.  

I am so in love with these two I don't know what to do with myself. In the video below, they are taking part in their favourite holiday activity, swimming. We had plenty of fun by the poolside. 

Happy New Year bitchez. Enjoy the last few months of sunshine and warmth. Let's make this another unforgettably feshinable year!


nikki lincoln said...

Great videos! Looks like you had a great time. So jealous that your holiday is still on though!! Happy New year!

Vuyo said...

hahahaha, nothing killed me as the Vezi singing Destiny clip...I died with laughter, OMG...

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