Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last week I had this conversation with my BFF Sthandiwe.

Her: Babe, have you heard of this Thina Zibi girl?
Me: No, who is she? Is she from here?
Her: Yes, she's Xhosa.
Me: Ok what does she do?
Her: She takes amazing photographs. You muuuust go on her site mngan'wami.
Me: Ok, I will when I have time. Is she on Twitter?
Yes: Yes, it's @thinazibi
Me: How do you spell Thina?
Her: The Xhosa way. You'll love them'. You must follow her, don't forget.
Me: Ok, I won't.

And I forgot. Until  was on the net today and suddenly remembered it.  Thank you Stha.

I really have no business posting this right now because I have a 5pm deadline that I'm only halfway through. But I could not wait. I went on this website and man, this might just be the freshness that the local blogosphere needs.  I really like her work. The website is distilled and is just about the images, whose scale and intimacy gives them something that I very much like.  Not quite sure what it is.

I recommend you pay her website a visit


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