Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This was the only thing I really wanted for Christmas. I didn't get it and was going to buy it for myself at the end of this month but I was visited by a little angel last week.  My friend, Penelope is visiting from London and when we met for lunch last Sunday, she was carrying an unnecessarily big bag with a big box inside. When we sat down for lunch, she handed the faded green fabric bag with the box to me and said, here you go Mils, it's your Christmas present. She is a gift freak since I've known her so I knew it was going to be something special but not this special.  

When I unwrapped the Christmas wrapping, I was assaulted by a bright gold shining light.  The light of reason in my world.  And three little words that made me very happy. Daisy. Marc. Jacobs. It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you my friend. I love you. As if that wasn't enough showering of love, she then proceeded with the following words:  ''Ok Mils, now it's time to go down the list of reasons for why you are so awesome''.  I said many a ''No please let's not''.  But actually I was very happy that I have such a friend in my life.  


iwearbootsinsummer said...

wow!!! :) you're in good company Millz'

Vuyo said...

aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, thanks Penny, you have SAVED me...cause I had promised to get this for her this month...keep Penny, she's a good friend, actually, let's adopt her...:-)

Sabu said...

My sister bought me Marc J's Daisy a few months ago - when i wear it I feel ethereal and fairy-like (on some days) and old hollywood glam (on others). basically when i have it on, I feel like i can be whoever i want to be.
i hope its the same for you.
love from one daisy owner to another :)

Yolisa Madzidzela said...

i am green with envy right now (even though it happened months ago)

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