Flip and Me

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yesterday, I was sitting in the garden at Mememe talking to a friend when a small black box was delivered! Getting anything hand delivered is a treat on its own and I was hoping the contents of the box were what I was hoping.  My camera didn't survive my birthday a few days ago, it drowned in a pool of hunters dry in my handbag (totally not my fault) and so I haven't been able to capture any part of my life since then.  So it was very appropriate that the little black box had this in it:

A Flip video cam corder from Intel. Why I wondered? It turns out the nerds are finally making contact with the sassy but technologically braindead people like me, who they have asked to record their lives for a week.  They will edit it all down to two minutes and play the tapes at some event next week and depending on whether they like my vid or not, I will win the camera. How awesome, I hope I do because video blogging is the next step for this here blog. Wish me luck, now if I could just figure out how this little machine works. 


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