My perfect weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Besides the fact that I got to be part of the 031 Collections presented by Mr Price, I had such a wonderful weekend filled with amazing conversations and laughs with some very special people.  On Friday afternoon, I was stuck in ANC inspired traffic in downtown Jozi after shooting a video for Clinique and their new foundation for black girls called Shades of Africa.  I was so stoked when they called asked me to be part of it (there are 10 other girls I think). It's going up sometime next week. Then Friday night, I had a beautiful "we-all-talk-too-much-and-it's-so-nice" dinner with my friend Sthandiwe and her husband Tony till very very late.

On Saturday I had to be up early for the airport and when I arrived in Durban, realised that it was going to be such a fun weekend when I bumped into new friends from Elle, Cleo, Seventeen, You and Heat magazine and old friends from True Love, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. I took some pictures that I'm sure some of them won't be impressed by but whatevs, I was so happy to see and meet some of these special women!

Getting my face did at Trigger for the Clinique Campaign

Sthandiwe pretending to be camera shy

Landing in Durban

The beautifl Carla from Cleo Mag
Can you guess which of South Africa's magazine editors I caught eating her yoghurt on her bags at the airport?
Lucilla Booysen getting off the plane
The Quarters Hotel
I'm a sucker for good sheets and hotels are my absolute favourite places!
I'm going to keep this waterbottle forever and ever! 

Belinda Morgan's range. I really liked the eastern influences in this collection.
Me, Robynne Kahn from Cosmopolitan and Zodwa Khumalo-Valentine at the after party
Melissa Maxted from Heat Magazine taking a pic of me taking a pic of her!
Khumo Moshimane of Mr Price
The photos became much blurrier after this. Me, Tarryn Oppel from You Magazine and Jeanine Jellars of Elle. It was so much fun going out with them, although I faded in the middle of it all.

It didn't end there. On Sunday morning, I had such a lovely breakfast with Jackie and Jeanine from Elle and Tarryn that we almost forgot we had to go back to Joburg and when I arrived in Joburg, stopped by to say hi to Celiwe at Main Street Life, only to land the hottest party on the rooftop! The camera had totally expired by the time I got to Joburg so I don't have pictures of this, although there's always next week. Apparently this is going to be a weekly party on the roof hosted by Pata-Pata.


Lawrence Dube said...

Looks like you had so much fun.... i wished i was there...

Thando said...

The famous yoghurt editor must be Jackie Burger... looks like you had tons of ubumnandi...

Anonymous said...

@Thando... you've beaten me to the punch. Ms Burger's reputation for her love affair with eccentric/'down-to-earth' long skirts/dresses has become so etched in my brain (and no doubt the fashion public out there as well) that I swear if I spotted her Victorian peasant silhouette in a dark alley I would recognise her in a split second.

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