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Monday, May 16, 2011

Last week blogger was down, which was annoying at first, but after a few hours I decided to take a mini holiday from the blag! I'm generally not great with technology and last week I had to carry not only my phone and my computer around, but the Cisco flip cam which I had to capture different moments in my life last weekend. Sounds so pretensh but if I get to keep it at the end of the day, where's the harm in doing a little selfvertising? After having this little babe for a few days, I'm very ashamed to admit that I WOULD LOOOVE my own reality show! It's  not to say my life is interesting enough to put on TV but I really like doing the moments where it's just me talking at the camera! The reason I'm posting this at 5pm is because the vids have been "uploading all day" and I've been in an all day meeting and when I came back, no videos :-( I have no idea why they won't upload and I simply don't have the patience to dial a nerd today.

This week I'm looking forward to leaving Joburg at the end of the week to go to sunny Durban for the Mr Price 031 Collection! The time has finally come, I mean I'm excited to meet and judge with Agyness Deyn but the bulk of my excitement is in seeing the work of some of Durban's finest and also seeing what the city has to offer in terms of new designers. Me and the shop are salivating.

But here's the first thing that really touched me when I switched on my computer this morning! I die for owls, and the one in these pics is a South African (represeeent) one. And I died a long time ago for Rodarte!

Have a beautiful week everybody! xoxox


Thando said...

"I WOULD LOOOVE my own reality show"... I would love a peek into your world... go for it... I know you could pull it off... I hope you are ready for groupies though...

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