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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've clearly been sitting under a rock of ignorance as I only discovered this blog today! I love that serious hip hop artists are into fashion. Kanye is the pioneer of this movement but since he (and I say this with conviction) influenced the hip hop fraternity to stop wearing baggy garb and wear designer clothing and to have real interest in fashion, the influence has spread far and wide.

Local Hip Hop artist (and to me the best MC this side of the Equator) Tumi Molekane's blog, TumiWaVolume or TFROMTHEV is a great discovery.  The whole time I was speaking to this guy the other day, he never once mentioned that he has a blog. Humility is an endearing quality, but even without that, I really like the blog.  It's refreshingly distilled and simple.  A walk in the park so to say, of really cool images of popular culture, well curated images of men's and women's fashion and personal photographs. I mean I'm not surprised though, a wordsmith has a way with all forms of art.  We love.


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