Friday, February 17, 2012

I’ve had a lot of free time lately, something very strange to me because I’m usually chasing a deadline. I’ve watched a lot of films, read some books and have been making more friends, which after age 21 is not easy.  I’ve also been thinking about my blog.  It’s pretty disorganised, a clear reflection of my life, believe it or not and I like it for my life but not for my blog. So I’m working on a few ways to change it up a bit, give it a bit of a boost because because. I’m buying a camera this weekend so the days of life undocumented are thankfully coming to an end. Hey, have a good weeked. I’m going to see the Blk Jks and Shadowclub tonight at Bohemian and tomorrow I’ll be at the shop doing my favourite thing: hearing customers say ‘’thank you so much’’ as they walk away with their sale items. Adios. 


nana said...

we love you first princess ... xoxoxoxox

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