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Friday, March 19, 2010

As you can see from this video posted on style.com this week... WE (fashion bloggers) HAVE ARRIVED. (Lol as if I'm anywhere near being in that league.) It's great to see the influence of seemingly inexperienced and credential-less people like BrianBoy and Tommy Ton and Me(again, I'm willing my future placement next to these names one day) get recognised and acknowledged by the world's most powerful magazine. In fact:

a) There was a Blogger's AGM during New York Fashion week in which most of the popular fashion bloggers in the US came together to discuss amongst others, the topic of Bloggers placement next to qualified Fashion Journalists in the very very long rank ladder that exists in the industry.

b) The Council of Fashion Designers of America sent nomination forms to Bloggers BrianBoy (and Tavi Gevinsion apparently), stating that these two have influence in the greater industry and their nominations would be relevant and a testament of the CFDA's ability to transform with the times.

This not only reveals how perfect a "breaking and entering" tool the internet has been for normal people trying to get into the high echelons of the global fashion fashion industry, it's also very encouraging for people like me. It's changed the way fashion is reported and thus consumed, giving credence to the fact that social media has put the power back in the hands of the consumer against the corporate machine. These guys (BrianBoy, Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil, Tavi, Yvan Rodic, Michelle Pan and Todd Selby) are almost as influential as editors and journalists who have enjoyed masthead presence in top magazines for years. This Web 2.0 generation hasn't been around for long but their influence is far-reaching - fashion designers know about them and invite them to their shows.

And on our side of the world, SA Fashion Week has invited four bloggers (moi included) to attend their Spring Summer 2010 collections (25-27 March). Since SAFW leads and others follow, I won't be surprised if I receive proper invitations from you-know-who's fashion week/ssssss next season. Okay that was me slipping my tounge where it likes to be. But all jokes aside, I think it's great that they are taking previously disadvantaged blogger-people like me, seriously.

Oh and by the By the CFDA nominations for 2010 are in. Check them out here:
www.cfda.com - Michael Kors (looove him) got honoured with a Life Time Achievement Award, his third CFDA award every and said: “This is my third Supreme, I have the two back up singers and this is my Diana Ross.” Lol.


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