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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So last night I went to the Marie Claire prix d'Excellance de la Beaute (gosh that took long to type) Awards, held at The Venue in Melrose Arch. Although the Arch is not my preferred boogie territory, the party was awesome. I'm not really knowledgeable on beauty products or the beauty industry in general so the actual award ceremony was a bit ? for me and I still can't tell you who won what. I'm sure it's going to be up on the MC site soon

Anyhoo, I knew it was going to be an uptight crowd based on pics I've seen of the event in previous years, so I decided to dress s(m)illy! This is what I wore:

I didn't realise I was wearing un Moustache! Vivienne Westood must have drawn it on me when I went to her fashion show in 1989 #inmydreams.

I got rather sozzled at the Party and ended up having a DMC with Jacque van Der Watt about ???? something to do with the New Afrikaaner Elite. I also met the lovely Emma Jordan, had a few toots with Zodwa and Zanele Khumalo and that's all I remember for now.


I got home and opened my goodie bag, which was full of...

What a good goodie bag. The only thing missing from the pics is a nifty little bottle of Pravda Vodka which my girlfriend grabbed on immediate sight! And since black don't crack, I'm gonna have to compile a list of all my white girlfriends, who are going to be the recipients of the anti ageing stuff! Can't wait to read the mag! Since I'm going to be saving R27 this month, maybe I should actually buy the hand that sometimes feeds me...Elle.


Celiwe said...

The nivea thing sticks out like such a sore thumb!

WeruWolf said... eyes are fixated on that Chanel bag!

The Blaggers said...

You met Emma? Dope. But what I really wanted to comment on is that bookshelf. Can we trade?

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