Stella McCartney

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

At the beginning of the show, a fake audio re-enactment of the call Tiger Woods made to his mistress, telling her to remove her name from the voicemail because his wife had found out, played at the beginning of this show. Look at the statement the clothes are making about McCartney's 21st Century woman. Sexy, Powerful, Chic, Sharp she's clothed in masculinity. She's a woman, clothed with a man's abilities, suited to her but also wants to be pretty, yes for herself, but also for her man. She's a Rachel Uchitel and an Ellen Nordigen who are both powerful in their own way, but they love the man. That's my interpretation. Apparently at the end of all her shows, she plays a Beatles track. This time, she appropriately played "Mother Nature's Son". Because all men are!

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