Guess what arrived in the mail today?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My accreditation to the 14th annual SA Fashion Week, sans Sanlam arrived in my inbox today. I'm going to go to every show and report on the shows, designers and what what on this, my growing baby blog! This year, they are going to have post show sessions where the media and buyers get to interact with the designers (finally) and ask them the how's, why's etc re their collections. I'm particularly excited about this one. I'm not sure if they do this anywhere else in the world...but I'm glad we're doing it here at home. I'm sure copy cats will be in attendance and we'll see this trend suddenly appear at another fashion week!

Oh, and the 2010 Marie Claire Prix D'Excellence De La Beaute awards invitation also arrived in my post box. I haven't received snail mail in ages...looking forward to March 16th!


Palesa said...

Aahh Mili u have to drag me with u just for the sake of my sanity!!!

missmillib said...

I'll see what I can do my friend! Please remind me that week.

Clare said...

sounds EXCITING!


fumbatha said...

snail mail? in the 21st? now that made me chuckle... why sans sanlam i wonder?

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