Friday, March 26, 2010

Injected some well needed hope and energy in me this afternoon. Palesa Mokubung, who I used to work with (so I know the power of her mind) delivered what I'd call her most balanced collection in years. The industry's known she's talented and for years she's fed the hunger of people like me who need edgy designers in order to breathe, but this year, she did a collection that's really going to please her buyers and customers. The clothes had a bit of her razor-sharpness but were subdued enough to be liked by the majority of her client base, who have money but don't necessarily wanna channel Grace Jones or bring too much attention to themselves every time they wear their clothes. I think that illustrates growth and a positive step for her as a designer and a business woman. The pictures are not available yet, but they will be tomorrow. xMilli


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