Thursday, September 6, 2012

If, like me you have a wardrobe fully of clothing you don't wear anymore but your hoarding ways are preventing you from letting them go, then Saturday presents an opportunity to leg go of the things you don't least into the hands of someone else whose blouse, or skirt or dress you can replace it with.  What's the deal? Swooshing 101: Bring a few of your favourite items that you no longer wear for some reason (they don't fit anymore, you don't like the colour, too many people have seen you in it etc etc) to an event where you can swap them out with friends or total strangers.  It's like getting a semi new wardrobe at no cost.  

The Skip Fashion Exchange, the first of many Swooshes that are going to take place Joburg and Pretoria, is happening this Saturday at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank.  The programme includes a guest style presentation from the stylish Noni Gasa, shopping at the pop up shops such as Mememe, Burgundy Fly and My Sister's Closet amongst others, and of course an opportunity to swap till you drop!  To buy tickets for R120, email or call Tshia Aphiri on 011 300 6700.  The tickets are limited so don't wait too long.  For more information on the event, such as should the clothes you bring be clean and on a hanger, go to 


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