Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am literally writing this from the back seat of my car because I had to stop everything and look at everybody's answers. I really really don't like it when I have to choose one person because I really appreciate the effort everybody has put into this!  But there can only be one. I chose Lebogang because she is the first one to get all the answers absolutely right!  The trick question at the end is PLASTIC SURGERY! Donatella is forever going for body jobs and too much tan! She is practically Terracota in colour!  THANK YOU to all of you for tuning in and entering! This makes me love what I do!  

Here are the correct answers:

1.     Name at least three kinds of products manufactured by Versace: Clothing, Handbags, Perfume, Make-Up, Watches
2.     Who took over from Gianni Versace after he died? Donatella Versace
3.     Who else owns a large share of the company as per Versace’s will? Allegra Versace
4.     How many boutiques that Versace have in the world? 82
5.     Which very famous American rapper was known to love wearing the label? Tupac
6.     Which actress immortalized her status in 2000 by wearing a Versace dress there after called ‘’The Dress’’. Jennifer Lopez
7.     Name two of the 4 famous legendary models that Versace used in their runway shows and campaigns in the 90’s. Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangalista, Cindy Crawford
8.     What is the name of Versace’s diffusion label? Versus
9.     Name one American celebrity that has been the face of Versace in the past 10 years. Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Christina Aguilera
10. Either than her bleach blond hair, what else is Donnatella Versace infamous for? Plastic Surgery, Self Tan

Congratulations Lebogang. Please send your address to and I will make sure they are delivered to you ASAP.

Tomorrow I'm giving away a R1000 clothing voucher from 36 Boutiques. Get your writing caps on!


Lebogang Xolo said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, aaaaaaaaargh.......I can't believe it......I'm over the moon. Thank you.

Bianca Estelle (Stella) said...

Thanks for the Comp - It was FUN !!!
Congratz Lebogang - Knew you were gonna grab it early bird lol...

Nomali/Minenhle said...

Go Lebogang!

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