Saturday, September 15, 2012

The first thing that comes to mind as I write this post is Idiom ''Familiarity breeds contempt''.  That is unfortunately what happens when you become too used to something.  You stop seeing the beauty and the novelty in it because it is so familiar to you.  It is Saturday afternoon and I must admit to my dismissal of Braamfontein generally because I'm there every week.  Today I got to experience it in a new way.  I joined the ranks of the Nike runners that ''Run the City'' every week.  My friend Refliwe told me that a group of them run every Thursday and Saturday and I can come if I want.  So I wanted to and today I went. 

It was cool and I feel like Serena Williams after my seriously unbelievable feat of running mostly uphill for 2.5 kilometres in Braamfontein. That may be nothing to regular runners but I'm proud of myself because I hate adversity, especially when it involves sweat.  But I survived and my relationship with Braamfontein got a new lease on life. After the run we went to that market which I generally find dreadful and awful because it's Hipster's Paradise, but because the weather was grey and it was like 10am, it was divine. I had some breakfast and a mimosa with some really nice people and was a little fuzzed up inside when I left.  It makes me feel better about liking things. 

These pictures are totally random. They are just Instagrams I took while I was there this morning.  They make no sense if you've never been to Braamies but they are just little snippets of this morning.  How amazing does that Paella from the market look? It was too early for meat so I had a benedict instead.


Ms K said...

The Paella looks amazing!I have to visit a Spanish restaurant soon now, after seeing this pic! Good for you for running!

Vuyo said...

Wow babe, I am impressed :) Well done!

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