Saturday, September 15, 2012

Somebody in Cape Town is betraying his or her Captetonian tendencies of not caring about anything besides the mountain, the Sea Point promenade and the right shade of ''jean'' that communicates just how much they don't give a fuck about anything not related to the inner workings of the circumference of the city bowl.  Somebody has clearly woken up to the fact that it probably make more business sense to come to Joburg.  First it was the Neighbourgoods Market, then it was What if the World looking for office space in Joburg (which they found) and now Stad. Before you know it, those brothers who own Royale and Il Buro might get some ideas on a transplant eatery.

Ok, I'm being a bitch because I actually have to admit that these Capetonias are on to something.  The most recent proof to my theory is Stad, a compendium of cool things all made in, you guessed it, Cape Town.  I can't even be a hater about this store, it is even more adorable than the name, which in English means City.  Clean, simple and effective, considering they are in burgeoning Braamies.  

They have locally produced leather (and another material I struggle to id) bags from Dark Horse, a label owned by a man and a woman named Jared and Lisa, who you will find when you visit Stad; some enviable clay crockery from one Diana Ceramics, other ceramic objects from Woven Ceramics; amazing illustrations in poster form by Lauren Fowler; DIVINE jewellery by Dear Rae and I think  I spotted some Mingo Lamberti stuff there.  Something to be noted: these knick knacks won't pose any real problems when it comes to parting with your cash.  They are very modestly priced. We love to support local goods that are not over priced. I bought two bags from Dark Horse and some side plates because they were beautiful but not ridiculously priced.

And of course, I felt special because the shop is only 2 days old.  On Saturday after our run, I took Thithi and Refilwe from Elle there and of course, Thithi especially almost undid her braids in excitement.  This is a cool little pop up shop, I hope more like it come along.  Hopefully it will become a permanent resident of this town when the pop up period is over.  It's at 70 Juta on Juta Street, Braamfontein. Follow them on Twira and for anything else, visit 


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