Friday, September 21, 2012

Hail to the queen of prints Ladies and Gentlemen! English designer, Mary Katrantzou has shocked and awed as usual with her latest collection of Spring/Summer 2013 treats launched recently at London Fashion Week.  This latest collection for me is post genre. You can't say she's taken her inspiration from Africa or the Middle East, it's global, post those kinds of limitations.  This range is inspired by paper money, stamps and other globally influenced paraphernalia that littered Katrantzou's childhood.  Its strength is not only the exquisite fabrics, the general silhouettes are an excursion from East to West.  I look at it and see Russian Dolls, an influence of Eastern Europe (she is of Polish heritage) in the full skirts and structured necklines as well as the purdy hairstyle in that fist image.  This is an amazing feat. I wonder how much these dresses go for.  


Ms K said...

These are delish! And I like the green heels in the 2nd to last picture. Its great that all kind of prints will still be with us in 2013.

Khatija and Anjum said...

love it

lungi said...

Just when we thought we had her. She got away!

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