Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh to have clever friends.  My friends Bianca Miles and Khaya Sibiya have started a fashion label called Punk and Ivy.  But this isn't an ordinary meat and potatoes kind of label. There's a lot gravy to this. Punk and Ivy will sell their bespoke and ready to wear plural (unisex) clothing out of a customised Punk and Ivy mobile boutique or Motique in the form of an RV. Let us take a moment to confirm the coolness of that concept. 

As in, this Motique will drive around Joburg selling the steeziest of steeze in clothing.  I went to see some of the stuff last Friday and the camo suit, printed jerseys and dungarees that I saw on the racks were awesome.  Punk and Ivy will offer bespoke design solutions for Joburg's fashion conscious as well as styling and buying services.  The Motique stocks next season's finds, door to door service with a fusion of local and internationally sourced garments, handmade shoes and collectable accessories. 

 I can't wait to see a huge black RV in the next couple of months. The first image is a sneak peek of the look book for menswear. 


Nomali said...

Hhayi, ngiyabavuma, shem.


So excited for them

Anonymous said...

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