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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hey guys

It's Friday again and it's CV time.

I must say, this CV thing is working and it's not working the way I wanted it to.  These CV posts get a lot of hits, sometimes higher than regular content, but there haven't been any connections after that first time I did it. I'm not getting employers saying they want this person or that person's contact details, which was the whole point of starting this.  What I am getting, is employers saying they need this kind of person or that kind of person, do I know anyone?  And when that happens, I send the CV's that I have through.  I'm still getting people sending their CV's, sadly a lot of very qualified people for PA positions and the like. So I'm not quite sure how to carry on with it, whether I should continue posting people's CV's or rather do posts that feature available positions that people can readily apply to.  I need your help and suggestions on how to make this thing work better, if at all.  I would really appreciate any ideas/suggestions in the comments below.

I have 3 CV's to post but not sure if it's worth it yet?



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