Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gosh just when you think living in this town is a drag, something like this comes along.  Last week Sunday my two friends and I were so bored so bored so bored so bored so bored so bored we ended up going to (you're welcome to judge me) Rosebank Mall to try that Wakaberry stuff that everybody is obsessed with. Ok that shit is good jealous down. That is not the point of this post. This post is proof that there is a God and it likes good music because this is happening at the end of the month at Joburg's newest hipster free zone, King Kong on 28 March. Brought to us by the team from Post Post - Gazelle, Motel Mari and Dirty Parraffin will be performing in a show they call The Revolution Will be Remixed.  Tickets are R70 (which should be the price we pay the bands for just showing up. It should be much higher for what we will actually be getting) and there will also be performances by new artist Moonchild, who has been getting a lot of love from Okay Africa, and DJ's invizable and Freak Mawaza.  Find out more about this concert parrry on Facebook!


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Yaaaay, Awesome!

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