Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A feisty new member has joined my growing collection of perfume and I feel a little bad for the other bottles that I've been wearing it every day, even to bed, since last week.  Fendi, Italian makers of great shoes and handbags, have come out with a new range of fragrances under the name Fan di Fendi and my love for the Extreme Eau de Parfum is extreme.  I was in a daze last week listening to the presentation of this range to the fashion press at the Fendi store in Sandton, that I must confess I didn't catch every detail as I was too busy smelling and resmelling the sample card. Its fusion of oriental florals including Jasmine, Tangerine and Calabrian Bergamot with undertones of soft leather and Vanilla Absolute.  It's perfect and would make an amazing gift to yourself.  Or if you really love someone and don't mind that they should smell better than you on a night out, then you can spend the R705 or R1000 for the 50ml bottle on them. It is available in South Africa from next week Monday at Fendi Stores, as if we have like a few. I mean at the Sandton store.  


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