Monday, April 26, 2010

On Saturday morning, after waking up to the weather's interpretation of that saying "Hell will freeze over before...." (It was so cold I had to cancel an 8am appointment because I just couldn't do it), Celiwe and I decided to finally go and get inked. I'd always wanted these tats and she was kind enough to make them my birthday presents. So here they are:

In case there's any doubt that I'm dedicated to the fashion industry's cause - I got a hanger on my right arm and my favourite symbol in life on my left hand. Now I literally wear my heart on my sleeve. Celiwe got theeee coolest tat - a rendition of one of Keith Haring's drawings from 1981.


justourhouse said...

welome to the world of the inked! you WILL go back for more. I'm still trying to decide on my next one...

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