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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I found this on (a really delightful blog) and it's a shoot for Harpers US in which a model dressed up as some fashion's most powerful designers. I didn't know it initially and was shocked to see Karl Lagerfeld taller and leaner and Donatella Versace looking very much younger and better, until I read the fine print. What a wonderful idea. Eat up.

I've been very quiet for the past couple of days because I'm being molested by words, sentences and deadlines. The biggest thing to happen to my career (I think) thus far crept up on me last week and the deadline's on Friday so I'm on my best behaviour and my fingers are bleedin phrases and clauses, but all is well. All will be revealed in time.

I haven't had enough internal peace to be looking for nice things on the internet and I was meant to tell you all about the wonderful "sale" I attended on Saturday at SA Fashion Week's offices. It wasn't a sale, but what they called Chic Swap - where we swapped clothes instead of buying them. I gave away 7 items of clothing and managed to get two really good pieces, a black velvet Soda skating skirt and a long black, high waisted vintage paisley print skirt, which I wasted no time wearing that night. There were some beautiful old Black Coffee and Clive Rundle dresses and coats from Lucilla's personal wardrobe (a very very treasured place to shop from) - it's a pity none of them fit me. I don't have pics because my camera was the last thing on my mind when I was "shopping". The left over clothes went to charity, while some were on sale for R100, with proceeds also going to charity.


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