I deserve to be "touched on my studio"....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

For being so awol, but get over it. I'm back now.

Love it or hate it, there's never a dull moment in this country, between Malema and his antics, the media making sure they don't miss a single step as they dance to his tune and then classic, kream-De La-kream moments like the "Don't touch me on my studio" involving one Mr Visagie and an ETV journalist and an unknown black woman. If you missed it, just insert "don't touch me on my studio" on YouTube. Gotta love this cowntry (that's how most of these black men on TV pronounce it).

I on the other hand, have been besig doing fun things mostly, but busy none the less. I can't really talk about some of them yet but there are very exciting things in the coming months involving clothing, cameras and public commands! I can't find a C word for words...but yeah, words.

Today I had a 2 hour "chat" (who am I kidding, we work while we chat) to one of my favourite new "friends", Russell Grant from my new favourite building in Joburg, Main Street Life. He's a bright kid (24 lime keee....or like meee) and really doing some wonderful things with his ideas based company called Red Team Go. Follow him on Twitter @russellsbedroom or visit his site www.mainstreetlife.tv and let me know what you think, whether you don't just wanna pack your bags and move there. Plus, the lovely Oratile Seabela is featured in the latest video talking about her new show. Jesseesssss I fuken love Joburg.

Before that chat, my debut with Mail&Guardian was approved i.e. they liked a story I wrote and I guess that means this...this whole....crazzzzzzzy decision I made is pretty much bona fide cream cheese :-)

In other news...

Here's what I've enjoyed on the interweb this week:

The Answer to boredom: DIE ANTWOORD

This makes me love South Africa and Afrikaaners even more than some of them are hating blacks right now. ET, this is for you.

I was on Style.com today and fell in love with this Iman feature they had there today. She's such a beaut, pitty I didn't get to see her when she was here! Was she really here? Who saw her? Anyhoo: Enjoy vintage pics of her:

These were taken at the height of her career from about 1977 to 1991 by Francesco Scavullo amongst others.


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