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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1. Is what I'm wearing - my new favs from Woolies: Over the knee grey socks. Can't wait for Winter.
2. Is what I'm reading - Vogue India, a gift from a genuinely Indian friend (not that SA Indians aren't) and 3. Business Day's Wanted. Nice cover.

I've decided that I'm going to dedicate Tuesdays to do my favourite thing which is to read cool magazines and sit on the internet and just look for cool stuff. I've been so busy in the past couple of days that I haven't had time to sit and do what got me to start blogging in the first place.

So here's today's find: BLACK BEAUTYYYYYYYYYS! Source: www.viceland.com and I actually know two of these beautiful girls.

Reading these two mags led me to looking for this season's best print ad campaigns from some of my favourite image makers. It's a pity about the Pringle one with Tilda Swinton, I think it could have been better (I didn't put it up) Here they are in A particular order: from loved to more loved. Just kidding. That would be way too much admin.

Chanel Spring Summer 2010 shot by Karl Largerfeld. It looks like an 19th Century painting. So beautiful.

Fall/Winter 2009/2010 also shot by Karl. I know it's late but how beautiful? Intle lengane kuthiwa nguFreja Beha Ericsson.

Miu Miu featureing that 15 year old American Lindsay Wisxon. The shoes. T.h.e.S.h.o.e.s.

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010. I mean have you ever? Shot by Steven Maisel.

Versace - I'm not a fan of Versace but these are hot pictures

Then finally, Mango. I know it's not a designer store but this picture makes me want to go and plant a tree or sweep the streets or something. These kinds of pictures are good for the world. I heart Scarlett.

The reason I've posted these pictures isn't just because they make me weak at the knees, but that hopefully a local designer will get the idea of shooting a "Campaign" for his or her collection - a campaign that doesn't necessarily have to be for a magazine but for a blog or a facebook page or whatever - just so the clothes are accessible to anyone in the world at the click of a button.

Even retailers like Mr Price can do this. Their blog is good enough, I wish they could play around for their own campaigns instead of the meat and potatoes store window ads. I'm taking my 40 year old aunt to Black Coffee on Saturday because she saw a pic of a coat from their website and she's going to buy it. Use the net people. But she had never heard of them before and she's rich and likes clothes. ????


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