O'hell yeah!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm obsessed with looking at campaign pics these days. I found this incredible campaign here and just had to share because the energy and feel of it is partly what I'd like to capture when I shoot the Mememe campaign in a few weeks with Brett Rubin and Nicole van Heerden.  This is Korean design house O'2nd's Spring 2011 Campaign. I'm about to go to a Flux Trends talk delivered by Dion Chang asking whether fashion trends are relevant in the 21st Century amongst other things. With the advent and reach of the internet, do we really need professionals telling us what's in and hip and only to be worn this or that season? Especially in beautiful climate places like here where you can pretty much get away with wearing any of these garments depending on where you are, all year round? It should be interesting!


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