Danica Lepen is the new designer at Marion and Lindie

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Danica Lepen

This actually didn't shock me at all, I was just kidding when I said my jaw was on the floor because I was too busy to blog about it yesterday.  At the end of last year, I was with Tiaan Nagel and Lindie Grenfell and I did get the idea that there were imminent changes at M&L.  It's a pleasant surprise that Danica, who was the other half of Black Coffee until she became a stylist last year, will replace Tiaan Nagel as the head designer.  Stuart Marsh who is the brand director of Guess and M&L at Busby House, the mini conglomerate that owns Mango, Nine West, Aldo and Claire's Accessories as well as Marion and Lindie, says "We are very excited to have Danica in our team, her focus in creating a twist on the current retail offering will remain true to co-founder Lindie Grenfell's vision for the brand and drive our goal of increasing Marion and Lindie stores from four to twelve by 2014".  Wow that's quite Julius Ceaserish, but good luck to them.  And good luck to Danica, I've always loved Marion and Lindie clothes and I wish them well.

As for Tiaan Nagel, he will go back to designing for his own brand, which took a bit of a backseat when he was at Marion and Lindie. His clothing was always palatable, I'm looking forward to a good come back!


Chantel said...

I adore Marion & Lindie! Have loads of their dresses, I'm excited to see what this new dame will bring to the mix!

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