Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No, not that indaba (by the way wish I was in CT for it)!

SA Fashion Week kicks off in early April at a new venue in Braamfontein, the newly refurbished, glassed in Shine Studios just off the Smit Street offramp from the M1 Highway I've never been there and I absolutely can't wait to see the new summer collections from designers like Black Coffee, Silverspoon, Christopher Strong and Mantsho! I don't know if there will be tickets available to the public so if you are one of the many people that call me during fashion week asking for tickets, rather go to the SAFW site closer to the time.  And me being me, I'm not sure if I'm going as a buyer or media, but I'll be all over it like white on rice!

And then some more amazing news, I was at our new offices in Parkhurst sitting on Gina's desk, looking at a beautiful wool scarf.  "Whose scarf is that", I asked, "Oh, nothing", Caren said, "That's just one of the scarves that Anthropologie has ordered from us, we are sending them 1500 in a few weeks". Oh. Um. Ok. Right. Anthropologie. That. little. old. chairnstore. that. has. like. 135 stores. all over the world! It turns out that SA Fashion Week recently invited a US based product developer and agent to SA, with the intention of starting export relations with the US with some of our local designers. This agent happened to be from Anthropologie (I've never been but its renowned for really great women's apparel, homeware, accessories) so they placed some orders with some of our designers who are:

Two, Guillotine, Naked Ape, Black Coffee, Clive Rundle, Lunar, Stoned Cherrie and Ephymol.

I think this is a really great opportunity for our designers, despite the fact that we still have distribution issues to tackle here but we need to think beyond the borders of South Africa. 


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