Kate, Natalia, Lea and the grand Katie Grand

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This shoot appeared in Love Magazine's Spring Summer 2011 issue and I must say, very few things are too racy for me and this one fortunately is one of them.

Not in a "i'm-writing-to-them" kind of racy, but there's a lot of meaty subtext in this shoot where three straight women aka sexpots in their industries and the world over are living la vida lesbian for the sake of being hot and racy and get lots of attention - at the expense of genuine lesbians whose sexuality is much less about sex and much deeper than what's portrayed in these images. The pictures are beautiful, I mean really hot but there's something that makes me a teeny weeny bit uncomfortable about Kate Moss, who recently got engaged to Jamie Hince, kissing Lea T just because they are two hot girls. It contributes to the ignorance that homosexuals have to face from people who don't understand them or take them seriously because this portrays the "Two hot girls making out, awesome" stereotype so that a plethora of teenage boys have jerked off to.  I don't know, maybe I'm taking this too seriously. It also appears they are mistaking androgyny for the KD Lang look circa 1997! I think some of the butch Kate pics are a bit predictable and could have been done differently, there's nothing new or deeply interesting about these images.


Jenny said...

Can't help but agree. Gay people constantly struggle because homosexuality is often so sexualised - as if that's all there is to homosexuality. To me it seems like a cheap (and cliched) ploy to get attention.
Yes, the magazine is beautiful with fantastic photos but have been on the fence about this shoot since I saw it.

Mbabazi said...

this trend is evrywhere now. dont know what point fashion is trying to get across but i dont get it. have you seen the one with ataui and ajak deng.here is a link.http://www.bellanaija.com/2011/01/12/the-editorial-everyone-is-talking-about-ajak-deng-ataui-deng-for-arise-issue-11-by-john-paul-pietrus/
lovely blog.

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