Come to Market on Main

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you've been there already, I don't need to jog your memory about how unbelievably awesome it was.  If you haven't, there's no cooler place to be on a Sunday.  Great food, amazing local and vintage fashion, fantastic design and it's a meat market for both men and women, yes I said it. The people are hot! Every Sunday from 9.30 am - 3pm at Arts on Main. Here are the directions:

Take the M1 South until you get to the M2 offramp.  Take the M2 Durban Offramp and go all the way till you reach the Maritsburg offramp.  Take the Maritsburg offramp to your left and go alllllllllll the way straight on that road. Go through 2 sets of robots and drive until you cant go straight anymore. When you reach the T-Junction, you will be on Fox Street. Turn left and go till you can't go anymore and you are under a bridge. Find parking because you will have reached heaven! The end. See you then.


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