Monday, June 4, 2012

Ok, can I just start this post by sharing the fact that this clock is in my lounge. Not even my kitchen, in my lounge for all to see my love for Marmite.  This was my first official declaration of Marmite back in 2009.  Before that, it had been an old school friend who used to have Marmite sandwiches literally every day, that actually introduced me to this black paste that only white kids seemed to have at school.  So if it was not for the fact that Penny Smith used to give me one half of her Marmite and Cheese sandwiches every day in Standard 6 while we waited for our parents to fetch us from school, I would not have known the joys of Marmite, which I learned while doing French 1p in University, means Pot in French --- hence the logo of my favourite bread buddy.  

So today I was minding my business (literally at the shop) when I received a package which I opened to find the following contents:

My heart leaped and leaped in gleeful glee as I opened the jar and took a thick finger swing of my very own Miss Milli B Marmite!  In case you're blind and are missing it, please take a look at the big bottle of Marmite.  Do you see the reason for my excitement?  I was so happy that it took me a while to make sense of what was actually going on and why Marmite SA had sent me this package.  It turns out they are launching a year long campaign in which they have asked their favourite local bloggers (insert curtsy) to be part of their 365 day ''If Mother Didn't Tell You About Marmite, What Else Didn't She Tell You?'' Campaign where we are being asked to write things that our mama's didn't tell us, things we didn't know.  

Of course, we weren't just going to scribble these nuggets of knowledge anywhere, we have been provided with Marmite moleskines and an ink pen (I forget what they are actually called), which comes with real ink in the smaller bottle of Marmite, which of course is black.  This is what you call very clever and simple branding and brand activation.  I mean really.  I will write one of these every single day with pleasure.  My mom didn't actually tell me about Marmite at all, I thought she didn't even know what it was.  Turns out she did.  Well kinda, she knows about Marmite's beefy cousin (is it?), Bovril.  

When she was a kid at boarding school in the Transkei, they used to make them eat Bovril sandwiches every day and she swore never to subject her kids to an edible black paste.  So we might have missed out on Marmite in our formative years but it's something I have liked from the first bite.  I don't eat my soldiers without it.  Ok, I'm getting carried away.  Apparently I must check out their website on 10 June.  I will inform you once I know exactly what's potting.  For now, this has been a good day.  Check our their website for the other bloggers.  


Vuyo said...

OMG......this is awesome. I like me some Marmite on toast, now and again :)

Bev Erickson said...

Stunning Milli! Must tell you - whilst walking through a mall in Manchester, UK in December, we were asked if we wanted to taste the latest flavour of a particular chocolate range and yes, you've guessed it, marmite flavour. It was actually pretty good!

P.Clemas said...

What an amazing gift! I am so envious! I'm a Lover and an avid collector of all things Marmite and what you received is a true honor! Congratulations!

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