LV and Okmalumkoolkat - Sebenza

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These silly boys. They are so cool.  First I liked the video and now the song is a monkey on my back.  Sebenza by LV and Okmalumkookat won't get out of my mind.  Local music is finally getting there.  This video was first launced on Dazed Digital, the online portal for Dazed and Confused, that being one of the most awesome magazines in the world.  Eish, you'll also notice some Skhothane's doing their stupid thing in this video.  This was recorded before the 3rd Degree expose on them.  Their whole thing works in this context I think.  See for yourself.  This video also happens to be the directorial debut for my good friend and photographer, Chris Saunders.  Well done for all your sebenzaring boys!


slomokazi said...

izikhothane, actually were exposed eons ago by sabc 1 but people only took notice when etv did a rebroadcast. but as always OkMalumeCoolCat is on point!

Yolisa Madzidzela said...

LOL crazy, ngiya SEBENZA- my new word. I'm gona be using this word during this vac to annoy my family.

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