Young, Gifted and it's irrelevant that they're Black.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Move over Dakota and Elle, Hollywood has new young child stars.  Ladies and Gentleman, the little lady in the top image is Amandla Stenberg (yes it's the Zulu word meaning power) and she's the 13 year old star of a film I've been hearing a lot about, The Hunger Games. Not into those kinds of films but I like her and I like the lead actress Jennifer Lawrence so we shall go and see that, but mostly for Miss Stenberg.  

Then, how grown up is Akeela from Akeela and the Bee? Look at her being all sexy with that lip pout. Good for you girl, 18 suits you well.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her bring Kevin Spacey to his knees in Shrink.  Her next film is Virgin Mary, a comedy which she stars alongside Abigail Breslin and Carter Jenkins. These pics first appeared in the March issue of Ebony Magazine.  


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