Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jozi has a new spot y'all.  It's called Warm and Glad.  They somehow found my email address and invited me to come along for a cup of coffee.  It ended up being a delicious non-bitter espresso, some delicious scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chourico (that Portuguese sausage) and a generous carrot, apple and ginger freshly juiced juice.  

What I like most is that there is an extensive collection of international magazines and some good coffee table reads (you will find some Taschen greats) for sale.  I bought The Gentlewoman, which was one among many international titles including Love Magazine, ID, Dansk, Pop, Wonderland, Vogue, L'Officiel and a lot of travel and decor mags. 

And then you turn around and there's a grocery store - they stock some Italian and Portuguese condiments and pastas, but it's mainly different sauces, reductions and very nicely packaged olive oils, some tinned speciality foods and a drinks bar featuring your San Pellegrino's and the like.  Behind the grocery store is a mini Art Gallery.  

The Warm and Glad duo (a couple with 3 kids) have teamed up with the guys from Like Limited Editions who bring in works and prints from overseas as well as source locally and sell them at not so expensive.  You can buy the art off the walls. In addition to this, here are some really respectable records you can buy.  I bought A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders as a gift for a friend but if you fancy some Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Curtis Mayfield, this is where it's at.  

It's a grown up coffee shop that has free Wi-Fi and really good coffee.  And the wall colour really tickles me. Warm and Glad is at 357 Jan Smuts Avenue in Craighall.  It's just after the Lindsay Saker (on your left if you're coming from Rosebank) in a centre that hopefully will get more places like Warm and Glad.  Check out their blog here - It's very hard not to like it shem. 


Nikki.Z said...

I love spots like these! You've inspired me to check this place out tomorrow :) xxx

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