I really love South African Fashion

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Attending the Spring Summer 2012 collections at SA Fashion Week this past weekend confirmed two things I knew but have recently kind of forgotten because I'm so involved: 1.  I really love fashion and 2. I really love this country.  Mayan.  I'm pretty beat from working and walking in heels and sparkling along with the copious bubbly and Jameson between Thursday and Sunday evening.  It was good, the fashion was great and it was a great time for me to realise what it is I really want to do around these kinds of events.  

Chris Saunders and I are editing and compiling the images we managed to capture tomorrow afternoon.  Today we were playing catchup with our other lives.  When that's done, I will do a roundup of the fashion week and all the special moments we captured as well as later in the week, do a bit of a more in depth feature on some of my favourite shows, from new and older designers.  I saw the best fashion show I've ever seen in my life.  Guess from who?

I don't want to get into it now so for now, I'll just share some cool pics that Sharon Becker, Fashion Director at Marie Claire took of me and Chris from the weekend.   The first is from Friday and the other two are from Saturday night.

Suzaan Heyns dressed Chris and I this weekend.  I must say, I've never worn a dress so quintessentially suited to my personality. Shame poor Chris in these pictures, his face is blown out by the flash.....or by my dark energy that night, I was channeling The Craft. 


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